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Sarcoma Awareness Month Posted on 14 Jul 2022

Our staff members Victoria & Hayley are now our non-clinical cancer champions for all of our surgery sites.

This means they will be helping to raises people’s awareness about cancer by engaging people in conversation about the issue.

If you would like to contact Victoria & Hayley to discuss the above please contact them on 01772 376 600 and request to be put through to the non-clinical cancer champions or alternatively, you can email them via

Please be aware that no skills, qualifications or any specialist knowledge is required to be a cancer champion and Victoria & Hayley are not clinically trained.

This month is Sarcoma Awareness Month and its nominated colour is yellow.

Sarcoma Cancer is a rare type of cancer that grows in connective tissue like bones, nerves, muscles, tendons, cartilage and blood vessels of the arms and legs. It causes abdominal pain, lump, bone pain, and weight loss.

Common symptoms are:

· Painless lump

· Weight loss

· Trouble in breathing

· Pain in the affected bones

· Swelling

· Fatigue

· A limp when the sarcoma is in your leg.

If you want to speak with Victoria or Hayley on any Sarcoma issues, please contact them via the above email or phone numbers.


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