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Weekly Patient Newsletter - Thursday, November 4 Posted on 4 Nov 2021

Welcome to the latest of our weekly newsletters. We regard it as a priority that all our patients are kept fully informed of all developments at Buckshaw Village Surgery, Croston and Adlington Medical Centres, our sites at Lostock Hall and on matters affecting former Eaves Lane Surgery patients. We hope these regular updates will continue to prove useful.


Abuse of Staff – Further Serious Incident

We are very sorry to report that following a series of cases of abuse of staff at Buckshaw Village Surgery, there was a more serious incident involving an abusive patient last Friday.

The patient used foul language in front of other patients and refused to leave the premises, the  the police were called, and the staff member was so distressed they had to be sent home.

As previously advised, this is clearly this is not acceptable and we continue to operate a zero tolerance policy on such incidents which are causing untold stress and upset to our staff, most of whom have worked through the pandemic and have put in extra hours on a regular basis.

Please treat our staff with courtesy and respect at all times.

They are here to help you and will do everything in their power to do so.


Covid and Flu Vaccination Programme Update

We are now offering booster jabs to anyone whose second jab was at least five months or 21 weeks ago.

You can attend as a walk-in at our vaccination hub at Jubilee House, Centurion Way, Leyland PR26 6TR is open from 8am to 8pm from Wednesday to Saturday, closed for lunch 1-2pm. You can also make appointments via the NHS app.

First and second jabs are also being offered and single jabs are now also being offered to 12 to 15-year-olds subject to parental consent.

Housebound patients should contact us for home visits in respect of all jabs.

We are pleased to advise we are also now offering annual flu jabs to all our patients aged 50 plus, front line health care workers and those aged 16-49 with those underlying health conditions agreed by NHS England and JCVI along with adult household contacts of immunosuppressed individuals.

You can book via the NHS app or call at Jubilee House as a walk-in.

In addition, we are sending invitation texts for a clinic offering the nasal flu vaccine for primary school children and 2-3 year olds this Sunday. They can also attend as a walk-in.  


Phone System

We are continuing to receive comments from patients who have been ‘cut off’ whilst on hold after calling our surgeries.

Please be advised firstly that none of our staff will EVER deliberately cut you off.

We have had our phone system extensively checked by our technical staff and there are no technical issues and therefore it appears signal and reception issues may well be responsible.

We apologise for any issues which are beyond our control.

We would also remind patients that our call-back system continues to operate, whereby your call will be replaced towards the front of the queue at a quieter time.


Missed Appointments

We have significantly increased the number of face to face appointments at all our surgeries in response to patient feedback, but we are still experiencing a high number of ‘no-shows.’

Please let us know if you are unable to attend a face to face appointment as we can then reallocate it to another patient.


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