BVS Appointments

On The Day Appointment Request: (NB: this service temporarily suspended due to Covid situation)

Appointments may be made by telephoning 01772 376600. Many of our On The Day appointments are seen by Nurse Practitioners, who are able to see and treat a wide range of problems.

For those symptoms/illnesses that cannot be seen by a Nurse Practitioner, a triage telephone call will be booked with a GP, if they need to see you face-to-face they can release an appointment. However reception cannot book in to these appointments directly.

Our reception staff will ask for a brief outline of the symptoms to make sure we book you in with the most appropriate person. Nurse practitioners can see;

Symptoms/Illnesses Time
"Flu" like symptoms 15
Abcess 15
Abdominal pain 15
Asthma 15
Athletes foot 15
Back pain 15
Chest Infection 15
Conjunctivitis, blood shot eyes 15
Constipation 15
Cough/Chesty cough 15
Cystitis/Uti's Triage
Depo injections (only if NO PN) 10
Diarrhoea/ Vomiting Triage
Ear ache 15
Ear discharge/blocked with wax 15
Eczema 15
Emergency contraception only 15
Frozen shoulder 15
Hay fever 15
Itchy eyes 15
Kidney Infections 15
Mastitis 15
Neck stiffness 15
Pregnant ladies/not pregnancy related 15
Pulled muscles 15
Rashes 15
Shingles/chicken pox 15
Sinusitis 15
Sore throat, tonsillitis, laryngitis 15
Stings 15
Swollen glands 15
Tiredness 15
Tonsilitis 15
Vaginal discharge 15
Will do Suspected Miscarriage 15
Wound Infections 15

Pre-booked Appointments (Routine):

Routine appointments may be made well in advance (up to 6 weeks in advance), which will enable us to offer you an appointment at a time more suitable for your requirements, with a range of practitioners. Typical waiting times for these appointments vary and can be influenced by a range of factors, but expect to wait 1 - 2 weeks for your appointment.

If you cannot keep an appointment, please inform us as soon as possible as this will assist in over-subscribed situations.

Open Clinic Closing:

The Open Clinic service at Buckshaw Village Surgery ended on Friday 20th April 2018, with the surgery reverting to pre-bookable appointments for on the day problems from Monday 23rd April 2018.

The Open Clinic service ran each weekday for urgent on the day issues. The service enjoyed early success and during this time changes have been made to ensure it runs effectively but over this years’ winter period, the clinic was over-run, resulting in long waiting times and unhappy patients. Me and my staff carried out an internal review in December 2017 and recommended a series of changes including limiting the clinic to “urgent” on the day issues. Anybody who contacted the surgery with an issue which wasn’t covered by the Open Clinic and who couldn’t wait until the next pre-bookable appointment would receive a telephone call from the doctor the same day who could either treat them over the phone, advise of a suitable appointment or could book the patient in to the Open Clinic. These changes came in to force at the end of January 2018. Unfortunately the Open Clinic has continued to be very busy and the patient experience has suffered, after consultation with patients, staff and our Patient Participation Group (PPG) we have decided to close the Open Clinic and revert to on the day appointments, whilst at the same time increasing the number of pre-bookable appointments.

Buckshaw Village Surgery has a different type of contract to nearly all other GP surgeries; an APMS contract and until 2016, this contract specified the surgery had to offer 82 GP Appointments per 1,000 patients. However when the contract was renewed in October 2016 core funding was reduced by approximately 23% and simultaneously the number of appointments that had to be offered was reduced to 70 Clinical Appointments per weighted 1,000 patients. This change of funding and reduction in the number of appointments was set by the local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) when they commissioned the new contract and would have been exactly the same, regardless of who won the competitive tendering process.

Weighted patient list is a national formula which has been in use since 2004 and takes into consideration, along with other practice characteristics, individual patients' age, gender and health conditions and calculates a "weighted" count of patients according to need. This means that two practices with the same number of patients may have very different weighted patient numbers due to widely varying patient characteristics and health conditions, and as a result, these practices which may seem to be similar in terms of list size, could receive very different levels of funding. At Buckshaw Village Surgery our weighted list is approximately 15% lower than the actual number of patients registered at the surgery.

The difference between GP and Clinical appointments is GP appointments must be with a GP however a clinical appointment is any appointment with an independent prescribing Clinician which includes doctors as well as Nurse Clinicians, Nurse Practitioners or prescribing Pharmacists.

The surgery has always offered late night opening on a Monday and always volunteered to open at weekends, when funding was provided. In September 2017 the Weekend Opening Service was withdrawn and this led to a loss of an additional 72 appointments a week. The surgery is continuing to explore ways it can re-open at weekends as these clinics have proved popular with patients, however it is my belief any service must be properly funded.

These changes, which the surgery have little control over, have led to proportionally fewer appointments being available at the surgery and whilst striving to offer a good level of access, the current system struggled to cope, especially over the winter months. On behalf of the surgery I would like to apologise for this problem and for the inconvenience this has caused. I can assure you the surgery has now completed a full review and has decided to, reluctantly, close the Open Clinic and transition back to a pre-bookable system, which will free up more pre-bookable appointments for patients to use. From Monday 23rd April we asked patients to book on the day appointments via Patient Access, in person or via the telephone. These appointments will be released each morning on Patient Access at 7am, with the surgery and telephone lines opening from 8am.

One Problem Per Appointment

Following on from recent feedback we are trying to raise awareness across our group of surgeries of our one problem per appointment policy. We politely ask patients to only discuss one problem per appointment. This helps ensure clinics run to schedule and other patients aren't inconvenienced. If you need an additional appointment to discuss further problems, please ask at main reception.

Longer appointments, based on clinical need are available on request, these will be triaged before they can be booked.

Telephone Availability

If you would like to speak with a GP via the telephone, please ask the receptionist who will book a time for a GP to call you back. The GP will attempt to all you twice but unfortunately unanswered calls will result in the appointment being lost.

Book Appointments Online (NB: this service temporarily suspended due to Covid situation)

We are pleased to provide patients with access to its Clinical System via a Secure Web Interface, so they can book appointments online.

To use Patient Access (EMIS) you will need a Practice ID number and an Access ID number which is obtained from the practice, and, in conjunction with a password, will be unique to you.

Please contact the reception to register for this service or click the link below if you have already have your login details.

Click here for online services


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